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Credit Scoring & Analysis Lending Certification

This program is designed for CEOs’; management; lending managers; loan officers; branch managers; frontline staff; business development staff; and  collection managers and staff.

Celeste, a credit union strategist and credit score expert, provides an indepth Credit Scoring and Analysis Lending Certification School that will help your staff gain the knowledge, techniques, and skills to become a Certified Credit Score Specialist (CCSS).

Certification Program and Requirements Program Modules:

  • Module 1: Cultivating a Proactive Lending Philosophy
  • Module 2: Becoming a Credit Score Specialist “Partner”
  • Module 3: Building Relationships through the Interview “Experience”
  • Module 4: Understanding Credit Scores and How To Calculate Scores
  • Module 5: Gaining knowledge of how to turn high risk members into a low risk
  • Module 6: Learning how to conduct a Credit Score Analysis (CSA)
  • Module 7: Conducting “Real Life” Credit Score Analyses with Credit Reports
  • Module 8: Assessing Credit Risk Without Using the Credit Score
  • Module 9: Closing High-Risk Members in Order to Minimize Delinquencies/Losses
  • Module 10:Certification Exam